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Charlotte Dotson, Beta Sponsor


Membership in the National Beta Club chapter at Grundy High School is extended to those juniors and seniors who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement (maintained a 94.000 or above average), exemplified worthy character, and maintained a commendable attitude throughout their high school years.


2017-2018 Beta Club Officers:


President:  Maggie McComas

Vice-President:  Tate O'Quinn

Secretary:  Isabel Steele

Treasurer:  Chynna Church


2018 Senior Class Beta Club Members: 


Tanner Baldwin 

Cory Belcher 

Cody Belcher 

Grace Blankenship 

Hannah Bostic

Chance Childress 

Chynna Church 

Michael Church

Autumn Clevinger 

Cody Cline 

Alexis Coleman 

Kristen Coleman 

Christopher Conley 

Nadia’Shae Dawson 

Julia Deel

Kevin Dotson

Chandler Estep 

Emily Hibbitts 

Abby Hylton 

Abigail Jones 

Cassidy Keene

Michael Lester 

Stacey Looney

Maggie McComas 

Jacob McNutt 

Hailey Meadows 

Kelsi Mutter 

Timothy Tate O’Quinn 

MiKayla Peck 

Alyssa Potter 

Brooke Rasnick 

Jacob Rice 

Hope Shortridge  

Kassidy Smith

Isabel Steele

Joshua Cole Street

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