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Online Classes
March 13, 2020
Spanish and Art Students,
Schools will be closed from March 16-March 27 due to actions taken by Virginia’s Governor Northam in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Students may access and turn their assignments in to me online on Google Classroom with the following codes:
Spanish II GHS code is j2hxage
Art GHS code is dsfj66s
Spanish I REMS code is n2zgnjm
Art 6-8 REMS code is n6eu42w

Any questions about classes and/or assignments may be directed to my email at

Spanish II March 23-27

Spanish II
Quiz on Tener, Tener Que, Ir a, and possessive adjectives
2.19 Translate p.190 with Questions
2.20 Translate p. 191 with Questions part A
Remedial videos on verb phrases and Spanish Artists: Velasquez and Gaudi